Sunday, March 8, 2009

yup so what have I been up to the past few days? haha still lazing around and enjoying my holidays, but I really should get a job. :D after all, I could almost feel myself being a burden to the society already! but in the midst of becoming a burden, I did enjoy myself. :D

on wednesday we went to shufen's house to swim! the weather was miraculously good and we swam a little, mostly just splashing around and then went to relax in the jacuzzi. mighty sun, burnt lydia and lengchee. but I dun feel much difference, the sun does not have much effect on me, which is bad, it means my skin is slowly damaging underneath with me being totally oblivious. joking, I dun think so, probably not anyway. :D

I spent thursday at home doing quite abit of art! haha bet you guys never knew your dear genius friend, yours truly, has artistic talent! :DD hmm maybe not quite, but I enjoy putting my close to non existent artistic flair but loads of creativity to good use. :D came up with a college, little cards and cute drawings. too bad I cannot show you guys the pictures, too lazy to take and upload them. no problem! simply imagine the works of say, vincent van gogh, and you can roughly picture how they look like. hahaha kidding, dun want to make him turn in his grave. Is he even dead? see! I am hopeless. :D

yesterday I went out with lynn and xl after ten million years. we went to jurong point to buy a birthday present for lynn's sister at artbox. went crazy and we made her blow close to fifty bucks there. haha cos she bought a huge stuffed toy, which is wayyy better than a small one because you can hug/punch/use as cushion for a big one. :D and yay we finally had a chance to meet up! made use of this chance to catch up with our lives and gossiped over tea, which turned into dinner and then supper.

and today lydia, lengchee and I went to watch slumdog millionaire! haha I love the movie! :D the host of "who wants to be a millionaire" in the movie is totally hannah's type wahaha. always knew she had a soft spot for guys like that. :D anyway! after the movie we hung out till late before heading home.

yup and since then I have been watching television. but now, I shall continue watching videos online, no geo challenge today!

love being able to sleep in.(:(:(:

signing off, viting
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