Tuesday, April 21, 2009

everyone says things they regret once in awhile. there are two kinds of regret. one is the regret for not having said or done something and the other is regret for having done or lashed out something unintentionally. the latter is usually much more complicated, because the damage is done, and apologies may not always fix the situation. at most, feverishly hope that people forget about it after some time. but truth is, people tend to remember all the bad stuff, somehow. thus I hate regret. and, is there no room for mistakes in this world?

I wish there is a potion that you can make someone drink and then alter their memory.

and, why do people always have to have something to prove? because nobody has the right to judge you anyway. even if they do, so what. they are not better than you, not better than him, not better than anyone.

I survived first day of school! :D nothing much happened, but it was nice to see everyone again. and I still love the prawn noodles as much as ever. dinner was lovely too, thanks for the great chat.

signing off, viting
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