Thursday, April 23, 2009

I finally bought new a earpiece! :D but I blew quite a lot of money on it because of this dumb electronic shop in sun plaza. went there this afternoon and got this pretty earpiece only to realise afterwards that it was not working well. so I calmly went back to the shop expecting them to change one for me. then the person just told me "sorry cannot change" and expected me to think it is reasonable?!? so I questioned him and he became quite rude and defensive. I finally decided to give up and went to popular to get another earpiece, not so calmly this time. eh such a waste of money right? and so unfair too. haha but forget it, no worth getting wrinkles over such stuff. :D

and damn I am slightly sunburnt, especially my face. it was quite painful and red just now but after applying my aloe vera gel at least an inch thick on my face and the countless chilled cucumbers, it now feels much better. :D hope it does not peel or anything. useless sunscreen.

alrighty, school starts at 8am tomorrow and it would be a day packed full of tutorials and lectures. plus my hardworking plan officially starts tomorrow! (i know it was supposed to start on monday but i failed so yeah.) going to need my sleep! goodnight world. (:(:(:

signing off, viting
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