Thursday, April 16, 2009

like finally! dawn and I met up with samantha yesterday after ten million years. :D we watched shinjuku incident. it was so violent and there were some gruesome scenes with alot of blood. haha so dawn concluded that it was a movie for guys. yup but it was not too bad, I quite like it. :D and we also managed to catch up a little so yay! :D

and I saw weirdo today! we had dinner at crystal jade and their chicken and their shrimp wanton are super yummy I swear. haha and we seriously need to do some retail therapy together like real soon! :D salvage my bank account please, I want to go shopping. :D

I have yet to clear my desk but mum is in a good mood recently so I think I should be fine for now. eh hopefully I can summon enough willpower and strength to do so soon, real soon. school is starting! must start on a good note, must be a new person, must be a better person, must be hardworking and organized!

:D off!

signing off, viting
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