Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things to complete over the weekends! :D

1. finish up weirdo's card and start on mum's.
2. pay the stupid library fines so I can finally borrow again.
3. finish reading cage of stars.
4. do my accounting tutorial and prepare for food and beverage tutorial.
5. go grocery shopping and stock up on my supply of junk food. yum!
6. borrow money from sister to go buy jerome's present. never mind, this one I think can claim. :P

anyway I think I know what is happening and I hate it yet I simply cannot summon enough kindness and energy to change this. -sigh-

and I shall go out and have fun this long weekend! just wish that we could have an extra day, then at least I would be able to stay home and recharge. I want a day of lazing at home, doing nothing and having some me time. eh maybe next week?!? :D

guess what!?! we heard that if swine flu continues to spread(like fire or peanut butter hahaha), just like SARS years ago, our batam trip may postpone or something. I sure hope nothing like that happens, if not so troublesome!

say no to swine flu!

signing off, viting
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