Monday, May 4, 2009


before I start, remind me that I should start taking more photos of us at least. although I am not much of a "yay let's take pictures together!" kinda person, but being friends for ten million years and not being able to find a decent photo to post up is just pathetic. haha searched though chocolatecock/camera/computer and managed to dig out this random one, being a genius as I always am. one when I still have my sorta long hair, which is wayyyy long ago. :D

so this birthday post of mine starts with wishing you a happy birthday once again and hope you like the present. I know you have yet to receive it la, cos your genius friend forget to bring it. wahaha but we could always you know, pretend. :D like how we always pretend to be rich, blonde, have millionaires as husbands and a bunch of others nonsensical stuff.

still remember many years ago although we were in council and netball together, we were not that close. haha you were just this random girl who has hair like rapunzel and short like a drawf in snow white. but you have grown since! (so proud of you, although i am still taller than you haha in my dreams but i dun care) and you have rather short-ish hair now! another difference is that we are much closer, in fact very close now. :D kudos to winisuksa! on the trip we hit off super well, like we were friends since a long time ago. amazing how, even up till now, we can share the similar bad habits like gossiping and like online shopping. also, sometimes we can even be kinda telepathic in a weird way. of course, we have our differences too, like how you dun seem to ever find ming dao cute. yup but whatever it is, I know we will always be cool friends and no matter what, we can always share stuff with each other without having to worry about being judged or anything. be it juicy gossips or thoughts or worries or whatever! :D

alright, shall end here because I want to sleep. wish you a great year ahead being eighteen and all the best for alevels! and not forgetting our plan to open our own chain of shops/buy a bungalow/travel the world/bust our credit cards and I just thought of a new one, eat escargots! :DD

P.S. this post is late but it's the thought that counts anw! :D

and, before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEROME! hope you like the present all of us got for you! haha we did not know what you like but steven says you can never go wrong with a shirt, hence the pretty tee. :D

over the weekends, thanks to some of my classmates, I learnt a teeny weeny bit of mahjong. my aunt will be so proud of me seriously. :D haha I shall try my best to remember all the rules and stuff, damn complicated.

on a random note, I cannot wait for my sister's exams to end so that she can start talking to me again. I have been ignored around the house nowadays, and my parents are still in malaysia! although I like quiet and freedom and being left alone to think, but it gets kinda strange after awhile. nobody to do stupid stuff with me! haha anyway my sis la, she decided to stop talking altogether and bury herself in that pile of notes day and night. so may all exams end and on another random note, may swine flu never hit singapore. :D

This is a damn long and wordy post!

signing off, viting
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