Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time for an update! (:(:(:

millions of happenings since I last blogged, of which I mostly cannot recall. haha all I remember is that life is generally pretty awesome and relaxed. how could it not be, with us having to go to school only four times a week and me only only twice. on the other hand it worries me, seeing many of my friends studying and busy with school while all I do is play all the time. but whatever, I am happy. :D

on wednesday I went shopping with rachel. :D we combed the streets of orchard and bugis for her dress. at last we chose this really gorgeous one, and very flattering on her too. :D then weijie, jenny and eric joined us and we went to tian tian huo guo for super yummy steamboat. their soup base is absolutely delightful, especially the fish head one. we ate like gluttons, polished off plates after plates of food. whee then chatted till late before going back.

sunday was my cousin's wedding! :D in the afternoon we went to marriott for the buffet high tea, which turned out fine. saw many relatives but it was my paternal side and we are generally less close. haha but I just kept smiling and saying hi, trying to appear friendly. yup then I had to go off for work and joined their back at night. my cousin was so pretty that night! all women are indeed the prettiest on their wedding day, love her dress! :D and the guy seems nice enough. though he calls me "huay ting" instead of "hui ting" despite me correcting him just about ten times. at last I gave up, does not really matter. :D we also had a dance party after everything. fun but tiring day, crashed at the end of it.

yesterday some of my classmates and I went cycling at east coast park. in the afternoon we tried to teach some how to cycle and it was not bad, made some progress. :D but the real bit started after dinner. we cycled all the way down to changi village to eat and rest before cycling all the way back again. on the way there, raimi fell head-first into some bushes wahaha. I jumped off my bike a couple of times, only way to get off cos seat was too high. haha pity my bicycle, tough luck getting me. anyway we also stopped for bridge along the way and talking sessions. it was fun la, but super tiring. ended up sleeping once I get home at 9am all the way to 4pm to watch show.

and i want to watch bai quan nu wang, shi tian says it's nice! :D and amazing race, because jenny keeps pestering me to watch it every three minutes haha. :D

right, such a lengthy and wordy update! shall post up some pictures of the wedding when I am less lazy! goodnight!

signing off, viting
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