Tuesday, June 9, 2009

haha blogging on my sister's computer now because mine decided to die on me. she has been going on about how benevolent she is yada yada and i want to puke but shall endure, for the sake of having a computer to use! and yes mine was on the verge of dying for several months, struggling to hold out for its genius owner but all things have to die in the end. oh well, shall bring it to school to fix tomorrow, likely to have to reformat and lose all my pictures and music and projects. but beats having to plead with my sister to lend me her laptop hands down.

and yay holidays started! yay so far it has been awesome! :D saturday was sentosa/shopping and sunday was homeclub flea plus movies. :D went shopping again today before meeting shufen's group for dinner. haha initially was because they did not want to waste a 1-for-1 offer but they ended up not using it anyway. nevermind, im sure they dun mind me joining them to lame. speaking of project! a million apologies with chocolate chips on the top to my group members. haha did not expect my grandma to throw a party for her birthday and mum would kill me if I dun go back so yah, this is totally beyond my control. kinda looking forward to seeing my cousins though. :DD

tomorrow and wednesday will be project-ing! :D eh please make me a productive person when i wake up tomorrow thanks. :D and as for studying, shall start on week two/three. the problem in trying to do everything is that you are left with no time for nothing. and that's important, everyone needs to do nothing and just laze and day dream. everyone deserves to, haha human rights. right, so I shall not make myself do everything this week. chill man, take life one step at a time! :D

okay shall end with this!

found it on the internet and love it. :D haha off to bed now so that i would not be late for projects tomorrow like how im always late for lectures and tutorials and failing my plan to be hardworking but not caring and can only think about how wonderful it would be to fall back into my lovely soft bed and just sleep.

haha sudden urge to type a long sentence. whatever whatever gosh it's late, i shall go sleep now!

signing off, viting
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