Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Yeeyen!
Happy Birthday Raimi!
Happy Birthday Grandma! (not like she will see this haha)

haha I am actually a couple of days late but nevermind, I did wish them before this of course. yeeyen-the-square-face, cannot forget her birthday if not may get retribution and end up with a square face too. ahh please no! hahahaha okay only kidding! (:

On friday, our class went to fish and co the glass house to celebrate. It had an awesome atmosphere because the other tables were all celebrating their birthdays as well. so it was like a place where all the birthday babies in the world unite. haha reminds me of that "when all the bananas in the world unite" cheer, but that is so not the point so whatever. anyway back to the topic! In the morning, a few of us went to boey's house to bake a chocolate cake filled with sincerity, sweat and blood. (honestly, how cheesy can I get?) haha anyway not literally of course, that would have been pretty gross. :P

haha the process was actually quite lame, we forgot to grease the pan and the cake got stuck. we tried to force it out so some parts of it fell off. then we tried to flip the cake over to another side and during the process, the centre part came off. hahaha it was quite funny at that point of time actually. and anyway beauty is only skin deep and dun judge a book by its cover and I cannot think of any other suitable phrases but you get the general idea, the cake was ugly, fullstop. haha but after we “glued" pieces of the cake back together with the ever mighty, not to mention ultra yummy nutella, covered the whole thing with icing and he guys decorated the cake with strawberries , it actually looked halfway decent. see!

our commendable efforts! both of you, be so touched that you want to treat us all to dinner next time okay! :D

In the afternoon, our female lead ong yee yen overslept and had to join us directly at night. haha nevermind, did not do much anyway. the real celebration started at night. haha still cannot believe both of them were totally oblivious to the fact that we were going to surprise them. haha they were clueless, even after so many retarded excuses we came up with to stall for time while the rest got ready in the restaurant.

haha anyway we ate and after we were super full, we decided to cut th cake. the fish and co staff made them stand on chairs while they did their cheer and everybody sang.

the birthday boy and girl, making a wish to be as genius as me wahaha.

seventeen of us! close to the whole class, quite a rare moment. :D

after everything, somebody, I forgot who, psycho-ed the rest to walk to cineleisure and so we did. spent the rest of the night laming at the arcade before heading home. I had fun, hope the both of them did too. (:(:(: happy eighteen birthday once again! haha raimi, time to stop being lame/weird and yeeyen, time to cut down on your qian4 da3 faces and, come to school more often! :D promise! haha okay im off to bed, project insanely early tomorrow. somebody save me!

note to my laptop: stupid idiot, you are useless and I hate you.

signing off, viting
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