Sunday, June 28, 2009

taking a break to blog and put some effort into reviving my dying blog. :D yay me.

okay seriously, I am like close to giving up. hotel operations and housekeeping seem utterly pointless to me, a complete waste of time. you guys may not know what I am talking about if you dun take this module but nevermind, just ask me to show you the notes and you would understand what I mean. they are so lame that I cannot even bring myself to study them without feeling silly.

that aside, projects are pretty taxing too. like no matter how many nights I spend doing the reports, they never seem to look good enough and the weightage is so huge that I simply cannot bear to hand in such mediocre work. sigh, but I guess that would be inevitable, given the short amount of time I have left to study and finish up everything. gosh I feel so unproductive sometimes, not working smart at all!

but whatever, enough of ranting. happier things!

I just came back from Weijie's birthday chalet today. well, technically it was yesterday, cause now is already four plus in the morning. I took a nap when I got home and got up not long ago to study. haha the celebration was fun, we played the entire afternoon and I would have stayed over if not for the fact that I need to go home and sleep, was tired.

anyway, in the afternoon I met Jenny and Yvonne and we took a cab down to the chalet. yup then we played captains ball and attempted to play volleyball but the ball was too hard, my arms were all red from the impact of hitting the ball. afterwards, I tried to teach some of them bridge! hahaha although I am not super good at it myself. wahaha I nearly died teaching them, did not remember myself taking half as long to learn. (I hope so anyway) yup but it was funny, I kept laughing at their slowness and they kept laughing at their own retard-learning-speed. :DD

I shall wish you happy birthday again here, good luck for upcoming tests! be grateful, I sacrificed my studying time! haha and I missed flea titans! ): wonder if lydia went, must ask her about it. haha hope there was nothing nice to buy. then again, come to think so it, with my financial state I would not have been able to buy much anyway. yup so that is at least some consolation. :D

alright, before I end my post and get back to work, I want to introduce to everyone the drink I am currently addicted to. -drumroll- THE GUAVA JUICE WITH PEAR BITS! yummy this is like super nice and I finished one whole carton of it today. my mum was not very pleased lol. but this is really superrr nice, tomorrow I got to make a trip to the supermarket and stock up on this. haha must make sure there is plenty at home, I dun want withdrawal symptoms.

:D and finally, I wrote a haiku! haha while I was stressing out over my unproductivity. it's really stupid LOL.

"study everyday,
study until my brain burst.
this is my sad life."

signing off, viting
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