Monday, July 6, 2009

haha went to take our ttp project video today!

In the morning, I woke up to my brother screaming that someone is calling me. haha then I glanced at the clock and oh my goshhhh I was already running late! we were supposed to meet at 1pm but I woke up at 1pm hahaha. seriously, typical me, always waking up late and having others wait for me. sorry! then I hurried out of the house but when I reached the train station, I realised I forgot my wallet and had to go all the way back! haha yup basically everything that could go wrong went wrong. so by the time I reached, it was already 3pm, I was two freaking hours late! superrr sorry I learnt my lesson, will never be late again! forgive me! :DD

haha dun doubt my words okay, I really will try hard(er) not to be late. or at least, not so late. :D

anyway after taking a scene at the temple at victoria street, we went down to meet yeechuan at orchard. there, we ate my favourite tomyam noodles at far east. haha but today's soup was even more spicy than usual and we nearly died. we would take one bite and gulp water frantically while exclaiming how hot it was. haha thinking back, it was actually quite funny. well, it was really yummy though it made all of our tongues catch fire.

then we went to eat fondue and mudpie at the coffee club. haha you guys must be wondering where the project parts come in. well actually most of the time we were slacking and shopping, the troublesome part was having to travel to different places. but at each place, we would only take a couple of scenes then leave.

at night we went to henderson's wave. it could have been beautiful and relaxing, if not for the stupid rain. we were drenched from head to toe!(haha sounds like something I used to write for my compositions in primary school) then that lame kiankiat made us walk one huge round to the bus stop when we could have just walked a few steps down. and by the time we reached the bus stop we were all super unglam, with our hair sticking to the forehead/poking up like sticks. still, we were glad we finally got to the bus stop and from there, we went home.

hahaha seriously I should sleep now, if i want to wake up on time for media writing tomorrow. but I am watching random videos on youtube until sister comes into the room. haha cos I need to tell her something but too lazy to walk to the living room to talk to her. so cannot sleep until she comes in! ahh why am I so lazy. haha or maybe I should call her? my handphone is just next to me. but she would kill me, she's using prepaid card. fine, I'll wait then!

how loser-ish can I get? :D

signing off, viting
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