Sunday, July 19, 2009

I AM SCREWED SERIOUSLY I AM SO DEAD! okay viting calm down, think clearly and dun panic! AHHH BUT I AM REALLY FREAKING DEAD! must prepare a coffin for myself like right away, in case my mum flies into a rage and kills me. even worse, she would get so angry that she refuses to buy me a nice coffin and prepare a proper funeral. OH MY GOSH WHY WAS I SO CARELESS!?!

anyway I swear there is a point for all this "im dead" ranting and I shall say it now!

okay so this morning she gave me 250 bucks to go pay for my brother's stupid tuition lessons. like I dun know why he even bothers to go for them because he spends the whole time stoning in lessons anyway! okay so I took the money and stuffed them in my pocket. WHY DIDN'T I PUT THEM IN MY WALLET? my mum was like "wah anyhow put the money, if you lose them you settle yourself eh." I was still rolling my eyes saying how that would be IMPOSSIBLE and she should STOP NAGGING.

so this proves that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING! (nike's slogan somemore, not bad not bad) and REN SUAN BU RU TIAN SUAN! (some chinese idiom thingy)

I think I was walking walking then the money fell out?!? but that would be like super dumb. another possibility is that somebody stole the money from my pocket?!? but I should have felt something in that case, im not THAT lame. okay so what on earth happened to the 250 bucks? I have no freaking idea! oh man my mum would seriously murder me.

maybe I should just take the money out of my own pocket and not let her know. yup that is the best option now. haha but I dun have 250 bucks. obviously! I think later I ask my sister to lend me, hopefully she would! wahaha that's what sisters are for, right?

*crosses fingers*

but if she lends me I must pay her back! ahh which means goodbye to my shopping money! plus all those that I owe her in the past, which she (might have) forgotten. if she still remembers, then good game to me. wah I really damn careless.


yup but since there is nothing I can do about it anymore, I shall stop worrying about it for now! haha hopefully everything turns out fine! :DD

anyway happy birthday yanping! and happy birthday tommy!

yesterday I was supposed to meet my friends at serangoon in the morning but I overslept. hahaha sorry! so I just met them later and we went for dinner at fish and co, our outlet! haha of course must celebrate at our own outlet la! :D it was like our party, all the staff there kept talking to us and ignoring the rest of the guests haha too bad! pictures taken by the staff and hung up at the restaurant!

and friday our class sang for yanping. :D she was quite surprised. :D

then at night some of us went to band-age, this band competition. we went down to support Raimi, our forever nonsensical class rap. his band is called Early Summer Rain and they are good! :D raimi was actually pretty impressive on stage! :D afterwards he went to find him to take pictures and stuff. photos on lydia's blog, too lazy to post them up. maybe next time, when im less lazy?

okay an hour till my sister gets home. wish me luck! :D if not then LOANSHARKS HERE I COME!!!

signing off, viting
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