Monday, July 27, 2009

I was stuck at home the whole day because of red/sore eyes. they dun actually hurt much, but it makes my eyes water all day long. yup so I look like I spend the whole day watching korean dramas.(get it get it? korean dramas=sad=cry) haha but other than that im fine! just that mum got paranoid and claimed that "it is super contagious" and "will cause scarlet fever" etc. my mum is such a drama queen. :D so the point is, I was a caged bird, or in this case a caged human, the whole day and was bored to tears. different kind of tears from my red eyes kinda tears though. wahahaha! okay not funny! pointless. =.=

and because of this I could not go to the band concert. sorry shufen! haha but bet you had fun anyway! :D also, I just realised I lost the concert ticket, so could not have gone anyway. haha so not much of a difference.

that aside, I shall blog about saturday. I went shopping with rachel and weiling. it was really pathetic, I had to ask my mum for money so that I could even go out. haha I was like lamely asking "eh can I have some money so that I can eat when I meet my friends later?" surprisingly mum gave me money! (she is usually quite stingy) haha she even gave me a little more to shop. :D yup so I bought a few pretty stuffs, including a new wallet. but I already scratched it! and it has been barely a day! super sad please.

so now I am penniless yet again! hoping that more people will actually buy from my selling post on sgflea. it is quite irritating when all the comments are requests for trades. actually I dun mind trading but you must have nice items, at least something worth considering for trades. oh well.

and orchard ion is amazing. :D I bet the toilets are bigger than the ones in the Istana. mr nathan must be so jealous. :D the toilets are really amazing okay, definitely worth gushing about! super biggg and luxurious, we(lydia,shuf,shitian and yy) were like dancing around the toilet while exclaiming how amazing it is. haha embarrassing, but THE TOILETS ARE REALLY AMAZING!

okay I think I proved my point.

haha of course other than the toilets, ion is also a great place to shop/hangout whatever! :D it has yami yogurt too! haha my current addiction. :DD

okay then, I better go sleep now. before mum wakes up and discover me using the computer, which is supposed to make my sore eyes more sore lol.


signing off, viting
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