Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intended to go to the fish and co party but did not in the end! I went home after dinner with lydia and shitian, planned to shower and head down. but my dad was using the bathroom so I decided to rest a little while waiting. of course, my resting just had to become sleeping and I only woke up at 12 plus. hahaha decided not to cab down because I am so darn broke. the more sensible thing would be to just stay at home and sleep, have to reach school early tomorrow anyway! :D

my dad also super lame, dun know how to wake me up. =.= the rest of them went to my aunt's house so nobody called me up. oh well whatever, my friend will kill me. :D just so happens that day they were like randomly saying how I always end up coming down with some nonsense and cancelling out on outings in the last-minute. haha do it always do that? never what! okay..maybe occasionally?!? like once in a blue moon?

anyway the point of me being online now is to do my projects. haha but I cannot open the files that lydia sent me because her microsoft office is 2007 while I am still lamely using 2003. too bad, really wanted to complete RWPS powerpoint. and thus I decided to start on the powerpoint for FBM but it took me half an hour and I only came up with one slide. not very sure how to start, nevermind shall ask my resourceful group members tomorrow!

whatever it is, I shall worry tomorrow! be it the opera test or the accounting test which I am dead for(considering taking MC wahaha) or projects etc. tomorrow!

now I shall go sleep(again!)because that is the only thing on my mind.

signing off, viting
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