Tuesday, July 21, 2009

loansharks, too bad! me the potential customer is gone! yup because I have an awesome sister. :D but of course I need to pay her back by installments. goodbye to shopping ever again. this is damn tragic.

whatever, I should be lucky it's 250 bucks and not more. :D

anyway I met lyana after school today! haha we sat at coffeebean and chatted. so long since we last met! :D seriously, JC life seems really stressful. and gosh my I am really craving the smoked salmon now, super yummy. :D

okay enough of my pointlessness, I shall go sleep now. yup lessons at insane 9am tomorrow! haha I know this may not sound insane to many people but it is for me. but I shall go to school! yesss! motivated yo! hope I wake up tomorrow!

signing off, viting
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