Thursday, July 9, 2009

okay going to make this a quick one. :D using my sister's laptop again. yup although I got mine fixed(finally! way to go viting!) in school today with some help from lydia, I still cannot use it because my charger is spoilt. but kian kiat's asking his friend to help me buy one so I think very soon my computer would be revived! yay goodbye to the days of having to treat brother in exchange of a few hours of his computer and staring pitifully at my sister hoping she would relent and let me use her computer. :D

let me blog a little about yesterday too. our group went to little india to take note of some of the attractions and explore. this is to help us design a suitable route for our tour thingy. haha I was too lazy to go to school so I just met them straight at the place. we did some exploring, went into the temples and tried some of their snacks. gosh some of their snacks really tasted superrr weird, for instance the bitter leaf thing. all of us took one bite and started gagging and had to spilt it out, even then the taste remained and we had to eat sweets and gulp water to wash away the taste. the only word I can use to describe that bitter leaf thing is awful, with a capital A. this indian stallholder saw us and was pretty amused hahaha.

then afterwards I went to bugis to meet rachel and yvonne. rachel wanted to go get this dress but it was no longer there. (x nevermind, can find something else nicer! haha then we had dinner at the ultimate unhealthy fastfood restaurant, KFC! while we were eating rachel started talking about sentosa and how she has free tickets for the songs of the sea and so we decided to go watch it! haha it was a spontaneous decision and im glad for that because the show was awesome. :DD also did abit of shopping at vivocity. :D

and anyway the jamie ong yy finally believed me! haha the cast of boys over flowers will be coming to singapore this coming saturday! I was saying I saw the advertisement somewhere but she kept thinking I was joking hahaha. anyway I am still not super sure whether it will be just a boys over flowers event or whether all the cast will be there as well. but in any case I highly doubt I'll be going to squeeze with the crowd anyway. although Gu Jun Pyo is really damn cute! melts. :D

alright shall end here, not very short after all. haha anyway must sleep early because there is ttp presentation early in the morning tomorrow and my group is going even earlier to rehearse. eh just hope I dun fall asleep while presenting or something hahaha.

cheers! hope I dun jump off the roof and die when I get back my accounting results tomorrow! :DD

signing off, viting
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