Saturday, July 4, 2009

okay just a short update before I go sleep. and judging from how tired I am due to the lack of sleep the past week, im most likely going to sleep until next year. yup going to catch up on my sleep all at once! :D blissful life! :DD

now for the bad news, although exams have officially ended for everyone else, it has not for me. haha I have yet to take food and beverage and IHRO, both really lame modules. I skipped IHRO because I overslept, slept through all my three alarms! haha how powerful can I get? then for food and beverage, both lydia and I skipped it because we did projects till late the night before. haha missed the last train so I went to her house and did the photo gallery for the report. we finished too late and were really dead tired so decided not to go for the test! haha so in two days, I spent 20 plus dollars on MCs which is such a waste of money but essential for the retest. okay so now must pray hard that the make-up tests would not be difficult.

yup but yay we finally handed in two projects today! :D hope our hard work will pay off, especially for TTP. haha our group rocks and we will definitely score full markssss!! wheee! okay, maybe not full marks, but whatever la we are awesome and will get awesome marks! :D no saying our report very good la, haha but doesn't hurt to zi-high abit right. :D will always remember how ST, lydia, KK, clarence and I stayed back in school all the way until midnight to rush projects. haha though it was pathetic, if you look at it another way it was actually really fun. haha I like the feeling, of everyone working hard together to complete something. :D

oh and FnB project was also handed in today, hope we'll score well for it, although I had less input for this proect. haha but thankfully everyone else helped. :D

shall end off there! so much for a short update haha. :D cheers!

signing off, viting
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