Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what am I doing here instead of sleeping? taking a break from studying! plus update a little about my happenings. haha so you see, it is really horrible when you still have make-up tests to sit for while everyone else are already done with theirs. I ponned school intenting to study today but spent the whole day reading all the Enid Blyton books somewhere hidden in my drawer. haha used to love them so much when I was young. :D

the pixie would go find the rabbit and they would find some unknown hole and discover a treasure. or the doll is so ugly that all the other dolls and teddy bears ostracized her and she would be so sad. yup plots like that, sounds silly but so exciting this afternoon, wonder why. :D

and I decided to change blogskin! yup the fonts are bigger now, I like them more now, find them cuter than those squint-to-see-me fonts I used to have. agree? but I know my posts are still wordy yada yada. well, too bad! :D

anyway I had a lovely weekend. last friday I met up with large intestines, king of the world, dun touch my nails and winner of losers. :DD we wanted to go minds cafe at first but change of plans because I was too lazy to walk and we settled for the coffee club, overlooking pretty clarke quay. it was hours of comfort food and great company. :D

saturday was well spent in the sun in the day and then went to intrude on the other groups for their ihro project later at night. we went to arts museum flea where I depleted my bank account. afterwards we went to minds cafe and finally trudged back to the hotel for more board games. also good company, though the drinks at minds cafe tasted like my baby cousin made it. actually I dun have a baby cousin, at least, not that I know of. haha I have so many cousins and nieces and nephews that it can get pretty confusing. even for a big brain like mine, yes.

then we went back home on sunday morning and I slept like a log until late afternoon. haha even missed the starting part of my korean show, so sad. anyway at night our family went out for dinner! haha at sun plaza foodcourt. but the food was great okay! love the curry chicken, although the one I cook is still slightly better. haha kidding! I cannot cook curry chicken la, unless you count instant curry maggie mee and then I dump some chicken inside. :D okay whatever lalala.

anyway it was significant because it has been some time since I spent time properly with my family. had been kinda busy and hardly see them anymore, especially my mum! haha shall devote more time for them. love them! <3

alright done with another one of my lengthy post. :D shall get back to studying! haha I typed this post superrr fast la, like in less than 10 minutes?1? haha but my typing ability obviously does not reflect in facebook's typing manic. my current score is actually lydia's score haha she is good at it.

well I dun care, people who can score such high scores are abnormal anyway! lydia, that's you! and rachel, that's you! and jessica, that's you! oh my freaking hell her score is 1378028 like somebody enlighten me on how is that human behaviour!?! seriously, I have abnormal friends. :D


signing off, viting
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