Thursday, August 27, 2009

after our accounting paper yesterday, which was a let-down by the way, my classmates and I went for dinner. finally had my curry chicken at clementi hawker, awesome! :D then after dessert we were contemplating what to do and someone suggested a movie marathon at lydia's house. haha and so we did! and ended up staying over! totally spontaneous but was a great decision, had a lovely time. :D

have been watching movies at lydia's house recently, despite the ongoing tests. like a few days ago while "taking a break" from revision and yesterday. watched one litre of tears, the dead girl, taken, the boy in the stripped pyjamas, sky of love and 10 promises to my dog. haha out of these, almost all are sad movies.

the boy in the stripped pyjamas is a holocaust movie told through the eyes of a eight year old kid.(damn cute, with the bluest eyes) this is my favourite among all because it is so touching and so real at the same time, the ending totally made my heart shrink.

I also like Taken. the movie is an adrenaline pumping action ride from start till finish. hahaha could not even concentrate on eating my noodles la! we went to buy korean instant noodles and even added in vegetables and eggs, brilliant cooks we are! okay anyway i finally abandoned my noodles and zi-high while the lead actor races around trying to rescue his daughter from some Albanian baddies. yeeyen was zi-highing beside me hahaha.

one litre of tears and 10 promises to my dog were both awesomely sad. something lame happened while we were in the midst of crying during 10 promises to my dog. the stupid disc started hanging so the scene froze during the part when the dog died. haha totally ruined the mood, but still, super sad. the dog died in the end! and the dog is ultra cute! I am so going to own a dog when I grow up, now I cannot because my brother is allergic(and scared). chicken!

sky of love is a very heart-warming and sweet movie, though not super sad like we expected. haha because before that lydia was telling us how absolutely sad this show is and everything. well, heehee she did cry buckets though. but it was a nice show nevertheless. :D

yes why am I doing reviews for all the movies?!? must be because I am too free, slacking around the house. wanted to study for blaw but stupidly left my notes at lydia's house rawr. so can only start when I get it back! am not tired yet but done blogging so I will most likely go watch random stuff on youtube now. yay heading to town tomorrow, finally seeing rach, yvonne and jen. happy! :DD

anyway my sister did something nice today. haha she got me new earphones! cause mine died like a few weeks ago but I kept delaying getting new ones. hate listening to music through only ear though, very weird and not exciting at all lol. so I shall be nicer to her in future! really! :D although im already a wonderful sister, of course.

and in this blog, readers are not allowed to roll their eyes okay!

hahaha off! :D

signing off, viting
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