Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hahaha this picture is dated nearly two years back, we both changed so much. although in a way i am still my lame self and you are still your weird self. :D but i really do miss those secondary school days. wah sudden wash of nostalgia. haha but I find poly alright too, made fun by all my friends and my class. :DD

actually come to think of it, we did(and are still doing) many awesome and weird and pointless things together. like how you used to pinch me/poke with with a very sharp pencil during lessons because i keep dozing off. or how you would force me to go with you to the toilet for the fourteenth time in less than an hour, due to your severe bladder problems. haha or how we used to plan activities for our imaginary friends, mine is veronica but i forgot your friend's name! or how you would deprive me of bonjela. i mean, i cannot help eating it because it's really yummy. really! or how we would just sit somewhere are talk and talk about everything and nothing. :D the list goes on. :D

superr sorry for not celebrating your birthday with you yet. projects are insane, as in really insane. haha but everyone is working hard and everything will turn out well! and soon it will be over! :D for now, persevere and jiayou everyone.

promise to meet up with you real soon! meanwhile, this is a special birthday post dedicated to you. be touched, and treat me to food! haha like that smoked salmon sandwich, totally craving for that now. and meet up with the rest real soon, need to catch up over coffee or something! :D happy eighteenth birthday and much love! <3

signing off, viting
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