Monday, August 24, 2009

"mum said you slept like a goldfish and is very lazy!" as my brother so kindly reported to me just now. haha why a goldfish, because I was sleeping with half my eyes open, like those victims of murder who died not knowing why but before they know it, the bullet is already shot through their clueless brains. okay, why am I so weird and sadistic? hahaha but I had a nice and awfully long sleep. slept from 7am to 7pm! super powerful me. :D

but nice as it was, I feel super unproductive. did nothing related to accounting because much as I know I have to, I simply have no motivation. haha but yes I shall at least study a little afterwards! :D and spending tomorrow trying questions. hoping to pull my grades up for accounting, not to compete with anybody(haha not like I can) but to make myself happy. and to try and at least redeem my poly life a little. have been all play and not much work, unless you count projects of course. they were a lot a lot of work, but great satisfaction too. although they dun always promise the results I want or give the results I expect. yup but that's life! :D

just that, sometimes I cannot help but wonder "where do I go from here? poly ends and then...?"

initial plans include going to university. but now, with a less than satisfactory GPA, plans may have to be altered against my will. sometimes I wonder what would happen if I am given another chance at year one again. but not going to happen, it's depressing actually. hahaha but oh well, just be happy and do what makes my heart sing, everything else will eventually fall into place. :D heehee.

and random, while waiting for water heater to be ready, I shall list ten wonderful things!

1) chancing upon a close friend you have not seen since forever on the streets, and discovering that you guys hit off as well as before. if not, better.

2) music

3) an afternoon alone to do whatever you want.

4) taking a long jog, and you enter the zone whereby you are not thinking, not listening to music and not in pain. in fact, you feel nothing, think nothing, want nothing. you just...are. (haven't felt like that in ages! but it's a great feeling)

5) sleeping in on rainy mornings.

6) retail therapy, all expenses sponsored! *jumps around and zi-high*

7) weddings, the promise of eternal love. and when you observe the way the couple looks at each other - the adoration and genuine bliss, makes you believe that true love actually exists.

8) adventures

9) miracles

10) the feeling of being able to succeed in everything and anything.

signing off, viting
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