Monday, August 31, 2009

reasons why weijie,rach and I cannot study together.
1) we talk too much.
2) we talk way too much.
3) we just keep talking and talking.
4) they keep talking and distract me. :P
5) I keep talking and distract them.
6) we distract each other.
damn we just talk way too much fullstop. so we figured that maybe we should just stick to watching movies/cycling/chilling together next time. :D nevertheless, I managed to memorise a chapter, better than nothing right!

but yesterday I studied through the night with sister at macdonalds, which was considered pretty successful. haha because she is so motivated, maybe in a way motivation is contagious? :D

yeah but I still haven't done the companies chapter! wanted to start so many times but everytime I see how thick the chapter is and look at all the words, I give up. then I tell myself "sooner or later I have to start, might as well start now" and I flip to that chapter again but give up yet again. forget it, thinking of it makes me want to die. maybe I should just cross my fingers and hope that chapter does not come out in the paper. :D heehee.

whatever, I can like dream on. ahh I am so dead. okay back to studying! hmm after tang xing feng bao ends at 10pm. and maybe after ming zhing zhu ding wo ai ni ends at 11pm. okay ohmygosh I am hopeless!

whatever whatever whatever! lalala

signing off, viting
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