Sunday, August 16, 2009

yay finally back home! :D

spent my weekend at the chalet and rachel's dad just sent me home. we had truckloads of fun though, playing countless rounds of monopoly/watched all the ghost movies you can think of/made prank calls to every existing human/pepsi cola-ed until Peiwen broke her toe(!!!) and also went night cycling. so I am like super tired now and will catch some much needed rest after I am done blogging.

and on friday night I stayed over at rachel's house with Yvonne. planned to have a movie marathon but we ended up spending most of the time helping her to sort out her pig sty of a closet. haha but we were so proud of ourselves afterwards that we ordered macdonalds to celebrate while we talked. cheers to delightful seaweed shaker fries and good company. :D

some of the dtrm people and I went to watch orphan on friday. haha it was awesomely freaky. shitian and I were like semi covering our eyes half the time and cursing esther(the lead actress, that freaky kid) the other half. but it was nice nevertheless, you guys should go catch it. haha just dun be like crosby and clarence, they could barely walk after the movie. it was apparently so gross that it made their legs wobbly. :D wahaha on second thoughts maybe I should not post this, but too bad! :D actually it's alright, everyone has things that make their legs turn to pudding or jelly or gel or whatever.

oh yah and my projects spree has finally closed! now left with studying for accounts and business law and then it will be the long awaited holidays! have not been reading for so long, going to do that during the holidays! and I will put schedule for work at fish and co as well as work for the upcoming F1 race. and and will spend more time with my family plus catch up with all my friends. :D

alrighty, shall head to bed now. have to go to school tomorrow for some group's IHRO presentations. good luck to lydia and kian kiat's group!


signing off, viting
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