Monday, September 28, 2009


yayyy you are eighteen you are eighteen you are eighteen! haha I am not the oldest anymore, now left huda still stuck at seventeen heehee. :D although we are in the same school, we are always busy with our own work and dun get to meet up as often. haha but you are one of the few friends whom I always enjoy being around, no matter what we do. :D gather the rest for a dinner soon, maybe this week or next?!? :D

anyway I survived the three days of insanely busy and tiring F1! so proud of myself. and as a result of that, I now have bloodshot eyes, headache, painful arm muscle and squashed toes. even after I slept all the way from 7am till 10pm today! haha going to slack around a little more and go sleep again. I suspect I have some sleeping disease, I just keep sleeping and sleeping. oh man I am becoming yeeyen hahaha!

but the good part was, I managed to watch quite alot of the race, from the bird's eye view too, since I ended up at temasek suite. but I think the atmosphere was better last year, although it was still rather exciting. and it was cool working with the rest of my course mates, we are all cool like cucumbers! :D

I think the headache is getting to me. I am just rumbling incoherently haha. but no lyana, im not on crack.

signing off, viting
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