Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am strangely not tired when logically I should be, considering the pathetic amount of sleep I had today. haha must be because life is currently too relaxing and carefree. so much so that there is nothing to wear me out and thus I dun feel the need to sleep, unlike when there is school.

anyway yesterday! haha went shopping at town yet again. but after a few hours of shopping we got tired and ended up slacking at dr cafe. spent the rest of our afternoon catching up and playing cards over our favourite cookie frappe. :D yup I think their cookie frappe has just replaced starbucks caramel frappe's place in my heart. heehee but I still love the caramel frappe, have not had a chance to drink that in awhile. maybe this weekend?

afterwards we went to have our favourite korean food. along the way we were saying how we should rent a car one of these days. then shufen can drive us all around singapore discovering hidden cafes and eating at all the famous stalls. sounds like an exciting plan. but! shufen cannot u-turn/parallel park/park confidently etc etc. so should we risk our life for an adventure? hmm.

Insurance may not cover certain types of accidents afterall. hahaha okay only kidding! shufen dun be sad! (:

felt like watching movies so we ended up staying over at lydia's house again. haha but did not have much of a movie marathon cause we were too busy playing cards. we are like, really strange. can waste the whole day playing countless rounds of daidee and bridge and inventing all sorts of silly ways to play them. then again, time you enjoy wasting should not be really called waste!

and I spent the whole afternoon at sembawang library reading and enjoyed some me time, which I needed. and and just now my aunt and cousins came over! we had dinner together and I played yet more card games with my cousins. (: tried and failed to teach them bridge. still, had fun! and spent time with my family!

cheers, life's happy. (:

signing off, viting
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