Sunday, September 6, 2009

my kitchen is getting empty! haha time to make a trip down to the supermarket, need to stock up on chips and milk and vitagen and guava juice with pear bits and honey stars and chocolate and maggi noodles curry flavour and anything yummy. :D but mum has been busy recently so maybe I should go tomorrow? or make a list and psycho sister to go down?

anyway was hungry just now and rummaged through the kitchen to find nothing interesting. yup and sister was also hungry so we ordered macdonalds delivery! which means, shaker fries! yess that is my favourite thing in the world at that moment. but now my favourite thing is ice, switched two seconds ago. have this sudden urge to munch on rock hard and icy ice! haha going to get myself a bowl of ice after this quick update.

recently my body clock is all messed up! im being quite nocturnal. then again, I have been going out so I dun sleep much in the afternoon either. so im surprised I still managed to feel so energized everyday. maybe im evolving into a battery?!? hahaha like the energizer battery get it get it?!? :DD heehee and this is typically what I would call NOT FUNNY and PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO BE FUNNY. :D

okay back to updating about today. lydia and shitian got dragged along with me to hilton to hand in my documents. yup and afterwards we met the guys and all of us watched Turning Point together. awesome and really awesome yet depressing and also it makes you ponder but overall still pretty awesome! :D I love the movie. haha this time hannah, you can trust me! yess yesss but you would most likely be mugging like a mug for prelims so may not have a chance to watch. anyhow, jiayou with revision okay! :D looking forward to shopping trips and movie dates thereafter! but then again, there is alevels. ahh stupid education system.

anyway! hahaha i keep digressing. yup so after the movie kk plus shitian plus me, we went for dinner and more cookie frappe! I hereby announce that I am officially and hopelessly in love with the cookie frappe, uber addictive. even as I mention it I can taste the bits in my mouth, im swirling it around my mouth and oohhh it's so sweet and nice and cookie-ish! but but but it is an expensive addiction so I shall work hard at forgetting it. FROM NOW ONWARDS WHOEVER MENTIONS COOKIE FRAPPE TO ME SHALL DIEEE!

wheee okay why am I so zi-high today? *makes one eyebrow go up and one go down*

anyway tomorrow i am going cycling and rollar blading so please dun rain! haha then again I think I completely lost my ability to move with rollar blades. hope I dun fall flat on my face and make my nose flatter than it already is. :DD

what happened to the quick(!!!) update? whatever, off I go to eat my ice, midnight snack yo!

signing off, viting
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