Thursday, September 10, 2009

slept from 3am till 3pm today! :D heehee how am I going to fall asleep tonight? I feel so hyper now, full of energy. haha anyway I met rach today and we went down to IKEA!! love that place but seldom get to go cos too far/too lazy/no reason. haha but she wanted to get her shoe rack so we went! I bought a mug with colourful swirls, a soft yellow cushion and scented candles I will never use. ahh why I like that?!?

save my bank account save my bank account save my bank account!

and we had yummy hotdogs and meatballs! haha IKEA has the bestestest hotdogs, I ate two. haha love the meatballs so much too! I want more nowww! hotdogs hotdogs meatballs meatballs hotdogs meatballs! yay I can do the hotdogs and meatballs cheer yo!

told you guys im damn hyper now. hahahaha =.= okay I shall stop it.

yup and we talked and talked until the cows go home, the sheeps go home, the giraffes and zebras and everybody go home! haha was going to head home but I felt hungry again so we went opposite to queensway shopping centre and had the yummy laksa and cupcorn. heehee I am such a glutton. :D

haha so here's my lovely lovely day. :D how was yours? :D

right and before I go! I shall share something random that I found:
yesterday was 090909. September has 9 alphabets and Wednesday also happens to have 9 alphabets. It is the 252nd day of the year, and 2+5+2=9! haha amazing right?!?

999999999999 so many nines! :D

signing off, viting
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