Saturday, September 5, 2009

there was this cockroach running around my room just now but I killed it. haha it was purely an accident, merely wanted to flick it out of the window but i squashed too hard. super yucky, can you imagine all its intestines?!? my loser brother was too busy hiding, so much for being a man. :P

anyway between my last post till now I met lyana, dawn and huda! (: haha and also large intestines and yvonne! (: so im happy yay.

oh and I went for hilton training today, in preparation for F1. the manager went through some slides with us, the usual boring and pointless trainings. haha quite lame, basically never learn anything new. and the worst thing about today is that I stupidly left my bank book at home and they need a photocopy of it so I have to go back there again tomorrow to hand it in. so town tomorrow! and movie and possibly stomp flea? :D

anyway after the training lydia, shufen, shitian and I went shopping. and afterwards we went to haji lane to shop and then chill at one of the coffeehouses. were playing cards at first and then after awhile started chatting and chatting all the way until we had to go catch the last train. hahaha always seem to have so much nonsense to talk about. we are damn weird, but in a good way. (:

and yesss this one must mention! haha im re-watching bu liang xiao hua and falling in love with wilbur pan all over again. aww but I cannot help it, he is awfully charming you know. :D heehee. and and weijie wants to lend me his heroes dvd so im comtemplating whether I should start, sounds like a nice show. I should start watching english dramas too, give them a chance.

okay it's late! should sleep! zzz goodnight people, I am going to donate my old clothes to the salvation army but I dun know where is the nearest one. anybody any idea? (:

signing off, viting
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