Sunday, September 13, 2009

- had a shouting match with my dad. it was quite bad, we were hurling hurtful comments all over the place. now we are just ignoring each other's existence.
- was supposed to meet a buyer at the station but overslept and she got so angry that she did not want the item anymore. my money!! *watches as they fly away to neverneverland*
- typed quite a long paragraph just now. then stupidly pulled the charger off my laptop by accident + no autosave = wasted my time.
- my sister started sneezing non-stop and coughing like a spoilt washing machine(?!?) in the morning. it was really annoying so I got angry and in turn she got angry at me for being unreasonable and now we are not speaking.
- burned my bao in the microwave.
- forgot that coffeebean cakes are only half price on weekends and ended up blowing ten bucks on two slices of cakes. then went home and realised that nobody is even home to share the cakes with.
- went to insert-itemname's website and saw accessorize spree! so many nice things that I want to get! but sadly bank account's not being very cooperative. rawr why let me see the spree in the first place?!?

- just put many nice songs into my mp3 so I can listen tomorrow! yay! (:
- meeting weiying for lunch and catching up for a couple of hours.
- going kbox tomorrow. sing sing sing!
- nice shows on channel u/channel 8 at night! yah I very no life, whatever. =.= heehee but I like!(as in not the no life part but the shows)
- just because I know it will. does that count?

alrighty, going to continue with my DIY projects now. haha have been working on them since after dinner. very fun! and very rewarding, had a great time discovering my hiddent talents hohoho! (:

signing off, viting
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