Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yay-ness! start of holidays and although I think I screwed the business law paper, I refuse to care. and afterwards we went to watch final destination 3 which I thought was quite exciting(though extremely disturbing), but apparently nobody else shares my opinion. heehee although the ending left us scratching our heads and some parts of the movie made as much sense as logarithms. why am I so random haha.

had a chat with sister all the way from fours hours ago until now. haha I may never figure out why we can talk so much but strangely, we always have tons to share. although people always say that the both of us are poles apart, which in some ways I do agree, but glad that does not stop us from being close! so happy to have a sister. :D

it is already close to morning but I am strangely wide awake. my body is so strange, sometimes I would sleep for eight hours and wake up feeling like I barely slept a wink. but sometimes I would go without sleep for a couple of nights and feel like I am ready to conquer the world! go go power rangers!(?!?) nothing makes sense in my life haha. :D anyway my self-derived conclusion is that the reason why I cannot sleep is because I am trying too hard to. and everyone knows that when you want something too much, you would not get it. you must not want something and then suprise surprise, you would get it.

damn should have kept my accounting notes, they win any brand of sleeping pills hands down!

signing off, viting
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