Friday, September 18, 2009

yesterday was night cycling, which was truckloads and truckloads of fun! :D but unlike the previous time, we did not cycle all the way to changi. instead it was more of an eating trip, we cycled everywhere with the purpose of eating yummy food. first up it was stingray and oyster omelette! then we cycled to geylang for teowchew porridge! and finally the famous rocher beancurd plus dough sticks plus eggtarts! :D yup then finally we decided that we were too full to have anymore food and spent the rest of the night chatting before cycling back to return our bicycles.

photos on lydia's blog, im lazy to upload them lol. okay as usual whatever.

unfortunately not a lot of people could make it this time round. all busy busy bees they are! haha hopefully everyone would be able to make it next time. bet it would be interesting heehee. :D and I want to go rollar blading next! :D

so I got home this morning and slept all the wayyyyy until 3pm. haha actually not that late, because I wanted to go meet rach! then it was starbucks caramel frappe(finally yes!) and shopping at raffles city plus marina square and dinner at secret recipe and arcade! just got home!

I miss gelare waffles x86845732 !!! why did gelare stop existing?!? maybe I should whip up my own waffles and ice cream dish haha. yes yes I should buy waffles from my house downstairs de bakery and scoop loads and loads of ben and jerry's on top! okay that is what I am going to do tomorrow! so exciting haha. and maybe I should go shopping tomorrow too. best of blogshops grand opening thingy at far east! :D

signing off, viting
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