Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my laptop died on me today while I was in the midst of typing this rather long blog entry. it just kind of went black all of a sudden and the unsuspecting me thought I had accidentally pulled out the charger again or something. but apparently it is more tragic than that. rawr have to make a trip down to my school to fixed it, cannot imagine my late nights without it. the desktop is either always hogged by my brother or too slow for me.

anyway my sister's birthday party turned out fun and well, enlightening hahaha. oh and my uncles made me say the f word, because they felt that it was weird for teenagers not to curse. I think they are the weird ones, fancy adults teaching innocent teenagers to curse! what is the world turning to?!? :D

the conversation went something like this:
uncle: yah jiawei swears all the time, even to his friends. do you?
me: err I guess not?
uncle: you dun?!? wah so guai, your mum brought you up well. haha but you dun swear at all?!?
me: okay does "shit" and "wahlau" count?
uncle: no! I was thinking more like fuck.
me: -gaping at the absurdity of this whole thing-
uncle: hahaha why you look so shocked? you scared to say is it? aiya dun need to be scared la, people use it all the time!
me: I am not scared, I just dun like to say it.
uncle: haha scared than say.
me: well im not. fuck.

hahaha okay it feels weird even to type the word out, guess that is why I never used it much. I dun like the way the word looks, so mean and vulgar and ugly. and anyway the conversation was in chinese, apart from the swear words, which made the whole thing weirder, if that's even possible.

besides the party, everything else also went rather well. the past few days have been pretty alright. I enjoyed the shopping trip, even though it left me broke. and the retarded pool session with the coolers feelers. :D yup and work was okay too.

and my mum has recently taken a liking to ruan jing tian. hahaha she rented his "lu guang sheng ling" and "ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni" and watches them every night! and I introduced her to "bai quan nu wang" and she is renting that after she finishes the current two. see! even my mum is starting to have better taste, thanks to her brilliant and ever so fabulous+genius+awesome+every-nice-word-you-can-think so daughter. is this cool or is this cool?!? :D

alrighty, off to bed! will update again when I get a chance, sigh, shi bai de laptop.

signing off, viting
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