Sunday, October 11, 2009

so yesterday and today was night safari + shufen's birthday party! :D

haha stole one picture of each occasion from lydia, lazy to upload so many so you guys and go to her blog for the rest of the pictures!(as usual haha)

night safari turned out to be awesome! they were having some halloween thing and they came up with halloween highlights like the horror trail and horror tram. we walked the horror trail first, on this "bridge of no return" and it was rather freaky. haha especially the vampire that jumped right at me and the bloody ghost that dropped out of nowhere! but nevertheless, we survived!

afterwards we went on the normal trail to look at animals. there were many cute ones, like the otters and flying squirrels, which i love the most. :D the squirrels glide like superman. however, many times we could not spot the animals because it was too dark. I also suspect the animals secretly hate us and are desperately trying to hide themselves behind some tree or rock.

but my favourite part of the night has got to be the tram ride! even before it started, I got scared half to death by this ultra scary female ghost. I cannot stand her eyes. they are really big and she stares at you like she is possessed and makes me so scared that if I stare back, my soul will get sucked right into them. you guys must go see her yourself, she is then there was the clown in the picture above, he knew I was scared of him and kept charging towards me with the knife. damn I dun like him too, haha but managed to take a picture with him before we left!

haha so that was yesterday! and today we went for shufen's party. she is finally 21, proud of her, dun know for what reason haha.

I look like I was holding back my tears. haha but nope, it was due to a series of cam-whoring that left my face numb and I could not smaile properly. heehee but anyway, that is us with the board we made for her. it may look simple but we spent hours putting it together. hope it shows our sincerity! :D

it was quite fun, though we spent most of the time either playing cards or stuffing ourselves with chips and chicken and satay and drinks. haha shufen played a good host, for the first time in our history of friendship we witnessed her running around making sure everyone had food and was entertained. :D but she need not worry, we had more than enough to eat, and the cards kept us more than happy. :D

alright, once again, happy birthday shufen! and also, happy birthday lengchee! haha although that was a few days ago, but hope it was great!

yay im done! by the way my laptop is still dead and I am sad. goodnight!

signing off, viting
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