Friday, October 23, 2009

this is my first update since school started. been working hard at trying to adapt to the timetable, having to wake up early and everything. also, the first week of school is usually rather slack and all the tutorials end early. so we try to have as much fun as possible while we still can. would go out after school and I also finally managed to meet dawn, huda, lyana. and on wednesday, some people from our class also went to visit raimi at the hospital. he is still weak but heard that his condition has stablised and that's happy news! although I highly doubt he would be reading this, but all of us wish he would have a speedy recovery. jiayou! :D

so that was a paragraph of disjointed sentences about my random happenings which may not may sense to some. haha but that's alright! :D all in all school has been bearable, and I'll even admit it has been pretty fun. but my class feele empty everyday! without raimi and his craziness + all the beijing people who are still stuck there! haha but they will be back next week! :D

heehee okay shall not sleep late lest I turn up late for lessons again tomorrow. right now I am craving for foodcourt 6's prawn noodles. rawr but I really should just go and sleep.


signing off, viting
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