Monday, October 26, 2009

today we had a rather depressing conversation about how fairytales, fantasy and supernatural never did exist, and never will. you may have watched plays about girls being locked up on the tower for a thousand years by their evil stepmother and then saved by a chivalrous prince. however, in reality, this is simply a pretty girl dressed up in a princess costume with the camera faded in white and zooming in on her face as she gazes longingly through the window for her knight in shining armour. she is not actually living this. we will never live this either. neither of us will ever be the female lead in a fairytale. there will be no prince to sweep me off my feet. there is no Hogwarts, and I never will receive a letter from them, much as I would love to study defence against the dark arts. and I will never be called alice, a girl who landed in wonderland. aliens will never invade and conquer earth. my point is, interesting things like these will never happen. magic does not exist. fairytales does not exist. neither does supernatural powers or heart stopping romance or miracles or pixies or unicorns or pink elephants! face it, the world is kind of boring and it is depressing!

but I suppose, it need not be. although our lives will never be that of a fairytale plot, we can lead it the way we want it to be. when something is funny, laugh your heart out. when something makes you sad, cry. when you appreciate somebody, tell them. do what makes you happy, sing as loud as you can and love as hard as you want to. :D

anyway I am currently listening to zhang hui mei's diao le and ah du's cha yi dian. addictive, going to add them to my list of favourite songs. :D okay should go add songs to my mp3 now, so that it gives me something to look forward to. I can listen to new songs on the train on my way to school! exciting. haha am going to school early tomorrow to fix my laptop. looking forward to flopping on my bed with honey stars + vitagen + laptop! :D

signing off, viting
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