Friday, October 30, 2009

what I have been up to lately:

1) spooktacular at sentosa! an event planned for halloween and supposedly spooky, surprise surprise! hahaha the ghosts definitely paled in comparison to those in night safari but some nevertheless managed to freak us out when they suddenly jump in front of us. anyhow the company was great so I enjoyed myself! (:

2) rach, weijie and I had a chat at starbucks which lasted 6 freaking hours! and I overdosed on caffeine! my gosh two grande drinks somebody save me.

3) visited raimi again last saturday and wednesday! he is getting better, hope he can join us in school real soon. (: on saturday after the hospital visit, the girls went out! haha it was me and lydia and shitian and weiling and liying, we had so much fun shopping + gossiping. heehee talked until we almost missed the last train.

4) watched "my sister's keeper" and I am not going to post any spoilers here. haha but it was a lovely movie and oh-so-sad! P.S. lydia cried until her eyelids flipped.

5) satisfied my craving for smoked salmon while having a mini catching up session with some of my favourite friends. (: and I finally passed everyone their presents after 8825482 years.

6) I have been attending all lectures and tutorials diligently since the start of school! so proud of myself, gpa of four im cominggg! oh yah speaking of which, some of us did skip a lecture today and went to play bridge instead. hmm but let's pretend that never happened.

7) yummy had a durian feast with my family! (: the five of us managed to gobble down four huge durians. haha I really love them. (them = family + durians)

haha so that roughly sums up my past two weeks. and tomorrow I'll be having a halloween night movie marathon, will have fun scaring ourselves silly. (: alright waking up at 6am for three consecutive days is draining me and I need to go catch some sleep now. goodnight world!

signing off, viting
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