Saturday, November 21, 2009

“ A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.”-Marley and Me

I want to have a puppy of my own! but my mum would never agree to it. firstly, my brother happens to be allergic to their fur. even if he is not, he runs off and hide whenever any dog comes within ten feet of him. yes, even harmless little puppies, he is like super lame. secondly, my mum seems to think that after it loses its novelty, I would ditch the dog and she has to help me take care of it. but I wouldn't! must be because a few years back, I used to have terrapins. when I first got them I used to change their water often and make them race and everything! then slowly they grew and became huge and scary looking + they shit and eat a lot. so I started to leave them alone and after my mum got sick of helping me look after them, she released them at some pond. yup and so she believes that I am not the patient type and pets are not for me. but she is so wrong, just that there is definitely no way to convince her.

oh well nevermind when I grow up I plan to have a lot of dogs! haha I will play with them, take them out for walks, save money to buy treats for them, train them to sit and shake hands etc! (: aww especially love brown dogs with droopy ears and sad eyes.

my own five promises to my future dogs,inspired from the movie 10 promises to my dog, except I cannot think of 10. hahaha anyway here's the list!

1) share all my favourite music with it. note the songs that makes them happy and play those during their bedtime. (:
2) do less shopping and buy something nice for them every week, like a new toy or a yummy dog biscuit.
3) be sensitive to their feelings and cheer them up when they are sad, just like how I would want them to cheer me up when im down. treat them like a best friend.
4) take loads of pictures of/with it and keep an album! haha so that I will always remember all the fun times we have together + satisfy a dog's inner zi-lianness. (:
5) last one, taken from the movie because it's so true. never forget our life together and be by your side when you die.

hahaha okay enough of my random doggy post. wah but I really would love to keep one! mummy, christmas present?

signing off, viting
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