Tuesday, November 10, 2009

had a lovely weekend! (: saturday I diligently went to work haha so proud of myself. and sunday I went shopping with rachel and we had so much fun! dinner at xing wang and got pestered to become their member again. gosh I swear that is extremely irritating, they are so insistent! nevertheless, their beef hor fan is yummy! (:

and today was food implosion! haha went down to support my friends with their bottomless pit of a stomach. they had to gobble down 10 apples, 6 bananas, 10 muffins and 4 bottles of water. believe it or not, they did that, and all under 7 minutes! salute them yo!

nearly the whole class went down to support them! lazy to post the photos, haha they are on facebook and I think the other's blogs. anyway they came in among the top few, which means the next round of competition would be on wednesday. haha exciting, hope the food would be better for the next round. like maybe chocolate fondue or beef lasagna or pizza or tim sum...hahaha okay I pardon me im hungry!

anyway also went to town after school today. satisfied my craving for tomyam noodles, love it so much. (: and did some shopping but town is getting boring, the shops always sell the same clothes. there is nothing to buy online too so maybe that's good, save money for rainy days lol.

oh and before I forget, to all my JC friends, good luck for Alevels! dun be scared, all that preparation will definitely reflect in your results. haha once it's over must date me out okay, no more excuses! (: only problem is, I would most likely be rushing projects and having tests when they are having their holidays. haha but nevermind, there will be a way! (:

alright then! crazy 8am lesson tomorrow, what am I doing here?!?

P.S. I should stop using so many exclamation marks, makes me sound like some weird excited kid haha.

signing off, viting
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