Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the weekend was spent doing project and having my eyes glued to the television screen watching gong xing ji. and lydia and I skipped school today to catch some much needed sleep. (: ended up going shopping and then meeting the rest for dinner. now I am wondering whether I should skip school tomorrow haha.

I have decided to go on a school trip next year to vietnam! it will be a two weeks and although the country doesn't particularly interest me, the trip can be paid by edusave so I decided not to waste the money in my account. (: yup actually quite excited, but it is still really far away so I shall put it at the back of my mind for now.

currently more important things to do include UCCD project, SQM project which I cannot seem to start, watching my gong xing ji, deciding where to do my internship, watching 2012 and my girlfriend's an agent, drinking cookie frappe(have been close to a week since I last had my dose) and eating kim gary french toast. haha love the french toast more and more, a few days ago we went there and I had one whole big toast on my own! but I think I can easily eat 3 myself. the french toast there is really yummy. (: rawr talking about food makes me hungry. I think I shall go get my maggie fix now hahaha.

I need to sleep. why am I not tired?!?

signing off, viting
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