Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Glue is made up of a substance that sticks to things and a solvent that keeps it liquid until you want it to stick. When you put glue on a piece of paper, the solvent gradually evaporates until the glue becomes sticky. When the glue is in a bottle, there is a space inside the bottle above the liquid that is full of air. So why doesn’t the glue dry out? Well there’s a limit to the amount of solvent that can evaporate to fill the space in the bottle. Once the space is full of solvent gas, no more solvent evaporates from the glue and the glue stays runny.

I took half an hour trying to explain this to my dear brother. but I dun think he gets anything I was attempting to explain. then again, neither did I. anyway I got that off ohyeahfacts, supposed to be for an assignment of my brother's.

anyway! sorry for the lack of updates recently. have been busy with school and projects, but generally everything was fun. and my SQM group is actually pretty fun, last week we went to liying's house to film the video and everything. and although we still ended up doing everything last minute, much as we promised we never would again, we still managed to rush everything out. hahaha but honestly, I swear I will never procrastinate and push everything to the end ever again. you guys have my word as a man! (:

haha but made up for all that projects by enjoying myself these few days. (: love long weekends! hmm though I'll spend tomorrow working but maybe I'll have fun too! (: and seriously, I need to buy new alarm clocks like real soon. all of mine ring too softly and they make me late for all my lessons/outings/whatever!

I need one that sounds louder than the fire alarm! recommendations?

signing off, viting
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