Tuesday, December 8, 2009

back from dinner with my family, we went to sembawang shopping centre and had astons! been awhile since I ate there and the food is still as yummy! :D and afterwards we went to starbucks and had drinks and cakes for dessert. they are having this promotion now and with every drink purchased, we could get a cake at a dollar. haha yay so very worth it, but too bad this promotion is not available at any other malls.

anyway, while waiting for my mum to get ready, we cameroid-ed! :D

haha that weird looking guy is my brother and the other is my sister. she was too busy reading some story book to camwhore with us. and you cannot tell how they really look like because we did not take normal shots but people always say that my siblings dun look like me! haha but my brother and sister look alike, they even used to win contests and everything. :D interesting, right? :D

okay shall go off and start studying for tomorrow's paper soon. two papers are down and I have just three more to go, including gems. I am like kind of dead for MICE, totally did not study that project event life cycle thing which was worth 12 marks! yah I know I should stop harping on it because it is over over overrrr! but it is 12 marks 12 marks 12 freaking markssss! oh well. and today's MR was a killer, all the unexpected questions came out. but im not as worried because it's only 10 percent of our overall grade. anyway they are both over so no point thinking about it, hope the following papers will be better! :D

alright going to attack my notes now! sigh, burning midnight oil seems inevitable tonight.

signing off, viting
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