Monday, December 21, 2009

hahaha wish somebody could still play with me like this. :D :D

but I would most likely be dragged along or fall flat on my face because I am no longer small enough to "fly". sigh, growing up sucks sometimes.

this morning I managed to wake up at 8am for family breakfast today! haha we had yummy macdonalds breakfast, love the hotcakes. :D then I spent the whole afternoon with rachel doing nothing much in particular. and we played uno with her siblings, for once I played some other card game besides bridge or daidee. today was nice. :D

anyway go listen to lin jun jie's new album! after so long we finally released a new one, had some problems with his throat previously. that affected his singing and he got quite depressed and everything. but im so glad he never gave up cos he is really talented, and cute. haha that time I was like "JJ is super handsome!" and my friends gave me that "are you sure =.=" face. whyyyy he is cute what. but mainly, I love his voice, listening to his songs now. :D you guys go listen too k! :D :D

signing off, viting
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