Sunday, December 20, 2009


being 18 is awesome, treasure it and enjoyyy! you are 11 months and 8 days younger than me and you make me feel ancient hahaha. :D

anyway sorry i am belated to the extent that I am just freaking belated! have been rather lazy to blog, spent all my free time at home playing viwawa. yes I know nobody plays that anymore and I am outdated plus super no life yada yada. but it is fun! :D other than that I also spend my nights catching up on drama shows and reading. holidays are dead awesome, though for the next few weeks I doubt I would be able to laze around and indulge in being absolutely unproductive and pointless and you know, just be. but while I was busy having fun the past week and even as I am blogging now, my projects are piling up mercilessly. actually I dun mind doing some of them cos they actually seem pretty fun but really hate the tight deadlines.

so to the many people I promise to meet up "soon", I really will try to. haha but sometimes, when you have to do projects, you have to do projects fullstop. goodbye to the lists of awesome things I plan to do this holidays, at least, strike out some of them.

learn to bake a cheesecake
watch hai pai tian xing
pick up some magic tricks online
lazing around at home for an entire day staring at the ceiling and thinking
visit grandparents in malaysia

oh well, holidays are simply too short. and time passes faster than I can say "penguins". (suddenly keep thinking of penguins, im weird) I can hardly believe that in a few days it would be christmas and in a few weeks it would be 2010. I feel old. I feel scared. and I feel sad. but a large part of me is excited too. I am confused.

alright, so what have I been up to the past week?!? when I am not doing those stuff mentioned above, I am with random friends eating/catching up/shopping/playing cards/gossiping/having fun/cookie frapping etc. :D :D life's been good! :D and I spent a few afternoons working too, yay money! my bank account is seriously depleting really fast, need to think of a solution. money saving plan 101!

time check: 4:34 AM
I need to wake up really early tomorrow cos my cousins are staying over at my place and tomorrow morning all of us are going for breakfast together. they are insanely early risers, say..8am?!? gosh 8am!

goodnight! :D

signing off, viting
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