Sunday, December 13, 2009

I found a new love today! the fairprice ice cream called hokey pokey, which is vanilla ice cream with caramel bits and swirls. it is awesomely sweet and bowl-licking good. I literally lick the bowl clean after a scoop and decide to go for another scoop, then lick the bowl clean and go get another scoop. the process repeats itself like ten times today? haha my mum was appalled seeing the nearly empty tub but well, it was really good + cheap! :D :D

anyway I think I am going to be down to a cold. weijie la, without a sense of social responsibility! hahaha sick must wear a mask okay! and get well soon, everyone seems to be falling sick. ): anyway had fun chilling at TCC today, and the food is yummy, definitely going back!

how how how?!? now I am too full to sleep, ate too much nonsense today. yeah I know I deserve it. maybe I should try running around in circles around the house until I become tired? hahaha right, jenny? :D

signing off, viting
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