Thursday, December 31, 2009

my final post for the year 2009! I find it incredible that we are actually entering a new year because it really seemed like a mere week ago that I was typing a post welcoming 2009. seriously hard to believe how fast a year crept by, midst all that crazy activities and emotions.

before I begin, this is a warning. haha this post will be really wordy and long, full of me ranting on and on about how I am, my feelings, me, me, me. on top of that, it lacks paragraphing and pictures and suitable punctuation marks.

"good times + bad times = my rainbow-fied 2009"
the picture above illustrates this year on the whole. it is made up of many happy moments and inevitably times when I felt lousy. however, regardless, they made up my awesome year. I think I am just such a person, it does not really matter how bad life gets. because at the end of the day, I will look back and find all the bad times over and tell myself "see you survived!", all the embarrassing times funny and all that is left would be the great memories. so no matter what, my year will be concluded with the word awesome. it was awesome five years before this, awesome last year, awesome this year and I know it will be awesome again next year. :D I am someone who thinks the glass is half full and love myself for this. :D

but honestly speaking, this year was indeed a rather good year. heehee although I looked back and realise that I did not manage to fully accomplish any of last year's resolutions. eh well, this year I have written out a few more which I shall try harder to stick to!

1) be a better family member, spend more time with them.
(this is one aspect I think I totally failed at this year. skipped many family outings, whether it is small ones to the park/market or bigger ones overseas. I think I take it for granted that they will always be there for me and love me regardless. but actually, I know that all the more because they care for me and me for them, I should make time for them.)

2) not avoid awkward situations but instead learn to make something good out of them.
(I am not sure about you guys but I really dislike awkward situations. you know, for example I meet an acquaintance on the train and we try desperately to think of topics to make small talks about. haha I really dun like such situations and because of that I would do stupid things like pretend im asleep and I cannot see that person or pretend I have to get off at the next stop and actually get off, thereafter boarding the next train. yeah really stupid I know. but I am in a process of overcoming that! getting better at such situations nowadays though, I would acknowledge that person and start blabbering about random topics instead. xD another example is me not wanting to confront an issue for fear of it becoming awkward or ugly. wish that this year I can be a more forthright person, as well as learn to be more comfortable with people, instead of only my friends.)

3) stop being late because of oversleeping, and stop skipping school.
(to all the people that had a taste of this bad habit of mine, I apologize! shall get more alarm clocks and start being.on.time. and yes stop skipping school so often too, I put the two together because they are kinda related. because half the time skip school because I could not drag myself out of bed. )

4) put aside more time for myself.
(really love spending time with myself, curling up on the couch reading a book or lazing at a cafe alone, people-watching or sitting down with a piece of paper, making silly lists. haha have been so long since I did something like that, almost forgot how much I used to enjoy it. :D and I miss picking up novels after novels, been reading less because I have been viwawa-ing and watching shows too often.)

alright I think these four are the main ones I shall make this year! the list doesn't sound hard right? doesn't sound like much or impressive either. but you will be surprised, to stick with it is not very easy! :D but I will. actually in 2010 I also wish to learn something new, like take up something I enjoy. also hope that I will be able to do something to improve the lives of people in need, like cancer patients and orphans etc. wish to make my year different, more fulfilling. haha but I figured that I shall organise my own life first, before I grow all excited about anything too ambitious. although the idea of changing the world with the seemingly small powers of a teenage girl sounds exciting.

I tend to think I am a character in some storybook sometimes. =.=

anyway! I am done with my last post of 2009, a really long one indeed. and here I shall wish everyone a happy year ahead. hope that like me, you have grown from everything this year and next year will be a better one for you. :D

signing off, viting
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