Thursday, December 3, 2009

seeing everyone studying makes me worry! tests are scheduled next week and I have yet to study a single thing. wah time to panic and do some serious studying! haha but I still seem to be taking things slowly, thinking that everything is under control oh my gosh what the hell is wrong with me?!?

anyway I started this evening, though I gave myself time off to watch the 9pm channel 8 drama. It's awfully nice, dang wo men tong zai yi qi. (: and now im taking another break to blog and put together a "studying survival kit" for myself. (:


1) caffine overload caffine overload caffine overloaddd! sleep is merely a sympton of caffine deprivation. so yay had my caramel frappe today, finally. but dun worry cookie frappe, I still love you. (:

2) pretty stationery and colour pens! when I see my notes all colourful like the rainbow with red and blue and orange and purple and yellow I feel happy. and all of a sudden my notes seem more interesting.

3) music! how do I survive without this I have no idea. they rock like chocolates and rainbows and eh, hamburgers?

4) cute snacks like cupcakes with icing or gummy bears. I like gummy bears cos I can chew off its hands then its legs. when it is limb-less, I then use my mouth as the guillotine and chop off the heads. great for self entertaining and short breaks between studying. (:

alright my list shall end here for now! (: initially planned to go back to my studying but I feel really tired. coffee or bed?

signing off, viting
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