Wednesday, December 9, 2009

shitian: hello we have questions to ask you!
yanping: hmmm
shitian: did i wake you up?!? sorry!

shitian: hello we have questions to ask you!
weiling: hmm,
shitian: did i wake you up?!? sorry!

hahaha so during our studying session today, we unintentionally woke two people up because we wanted to clarify some gaming stuff. but weiling did help us in the end! :D thanks. haha then afterwards we did some studying, playing cards, catching up and shopping. :D visited the newly opened mall at somerset and I am super excited, cannot wait for forever 21 to open there! it is like four storeys and looks really exciting. :D

yay I give up on tomorrow's test! so proud of myself, not! anyway maybe later I go read the notes again, like a storybook. then cross my fingers and hope for the best?

jimbroni! stiff hand! flush! full house! goose! sic bo! house! runner! see I do know some casino terminologies okayyyy! :D

oh and anyway I am searching for the theme song of dang wo men tong zai yi qi. It is sang by chen wei lian and called wo men(i think). I went everywhere but all cannot download! if you guys have the song please send it to me, i will be eternally grateful! :D

signing off, viting
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