Saturday, December 5, 2009

what if somebody you always disliked did an unexpectedly nice gesture for you? I am sure that happened to you before but in case it has not, I can say, it feels strangely nice yet bad. the bad part is mostly guilt, and confusion. still, im grateful for that nice gesture, really. it is only through instances like this that shows me who is genuinely a friend worth having. (: but im happy, because i had a chance to realise this.

anyway I finally finished three chapters of MICE and started a teeny bit of HRM, but I think by tomorrow all the facts will disappear to the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. still, it's a start! (: and I have the weekends so I will be working hard then. (: may all the motivation and productivity molecules from everywhere unite, attack my brain and overthrow the cells that gives me the tendency to procrastinate!

so I have five tests next week including gems and afterwards I will be free! be a true warrior and fight the last few days yess!

signing off, viting
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