Sunday, January 3, 2010

the first few days of this year has been lovely so far, though simple. on the eve I spent the day with hannah and afterwards we went to clarke quay for the countdown. haha went to join her friend and her friend's friends afterwards. everyone was friendly so it was alright, though slight awkwardness is inevitable. haha I am not exactly really good at making friends. :D not bad, but much room for improvement!

and yesterday when I woke up it was already like super late. haha so I went to meet the R&Rs and we had dinner at yishun's Manhattan fishmarket. yah I am a supporter of fish and co but since they wanted, I went along with it! the food turned out to be nice, although personally I think they are still losing by a mile. okay okay whenever I start putting Manhattan down my friends would snicker and laugh at me so I shall stop. :D :D hohoho and afterwards we went down to starbucks to talk until late, love the company. :D

as for today, I woke up late again. planned to stay in and work on my project but being the ultimate procrastinator as I am, I only managed to type 3 sentences. somebody, threaten to push me down off roof if I dun start being more focused! but I know everyone loves me to much to push me off the roof. right? :P BUT SERIOUSLY I NEED NEED TO FINISH THIS!

okay I shall do more of the project before hitting the pillows! :D

signing off, viting
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