Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy belated birthday to myself! :D :D yay I am one year older, wiser and as awesome as ever! :D and happy belated birthday to Yvonne, hope you like the card I mailed to you!

although it is just like another day to me, and everyone who knows me would know that I actually really detest growing older. haha uncertain about the future, worried about the added responsibilities, wrinkles, dying brain cells etc etc. well, but all that aside, I want to thank my friends who celebrated it with me. I really appreciate it and you guys know I will always remember this. <3 and my family and relatives for the party too! also I want to thank anyone else who geninuely cared. it really is the thought that counts, and for that matter, the presents I love the most are really the cards and thoughtful stuff! :D to those that couldn't care less, I thank you anyway! haha cos you guys share this lovely earth with me and contribute the the economic growth etc, which makes it possible for me to live happily here!

alright nonsense aside, I shall be motivated and productive and go start on some work. hope I dun get distracted and go on tumblr instead. haha just started an account yesterday so most likely would be blogging more there and less here? if interested, rainbowsinabottle.tumblr.com. alrighty, till next update! :D

signing off, viting
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